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The Netherlands - and are parts of Westland Intertainments, a local news site and a brand new national tourist website under construction. has been active on the internet since November 2008 and has grown into the largest internet medium in the Westland region with up to 200,000 unique visitors every month. 

Social news medium

Via our Android and Apple apps, twitter, facebook and Instagram, we pass on our news items to an even larger audience. Many topics are discussed and commented on via our facebook page.

In addition to news, our network is also used for missing animals and people. And found items (such as car keys, driving licenses, etc.) power cuts, and stolen vehicles (cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and trucks). works closely with (government) agencies and is close to the practice floor.

Customized (tourism) advertising

The website is becoming more and more interesting for (starting) entrepreneurs to offer services and products in a contemporary and fast way. Each company differs in design and the range of services and products often require a specific, tailor-made approach. Over the years, has developed and used this experience to advise our customers where possible. 

But also municipalities that want to achieve measurable targets to promote their tourism, without excessive costs for printed matter. 

Advertising via the internet can be more versatile and with the right PR you can get more out of your advertising money. Feel free to make an appointment with us for more information. Our customers come from the region, but we also facilitate (semi) national campaigns for large companies and a few advertising agencies abroad.

Due to the 1,3 million visitor limit!
In 2018, the website was visited by 802K visitors via PC, mobile, tablet and the apps. In 2019, that number unexpectedly grew to 1,136 million visitors, more than 333,000 visitors more.
On june 2020, the 1,3 million visitor limit was broken, for which everyone thank you !! Growth is expected to reach 1,4 million unique visitors by the end of 2020, not counting

The rates are as follows;

Your news items
Do you want to quickly pass on your business messages to the general public? Then you can do that from € 90 on the apps in combination with Instagram. The latter saw a growth to almost 6,000 followers in 1,5 year.

On the Internet itself through the desktop and mobile for € 100. Both announced via Twitter (17.9K followers) and Facebook (26K followers).

In combination through all channels for € 170. 

You can advertise via banners on in 3 ways. Via mobile and PC / tablet for the general public. Advertising via the apps is more intensive and more for a regional and younger audience. It is up to you to choose which group suits you best.

Advertising on mobile
Our visitors consult the mobile version on a bit more like the desktop / tablet. There are several places for advertisement banners that are clicked dozens of times a day. Those links are measured separately.
Complaints on the mobile are exchanged randomly. This means that the logos shift continuously and evenly.

Rates mobile (rectangular small)

€ 100 a week
€ 350 a month

Extra large billboard (square format)

€ 125 a week
€ 400 a month
€ 1150 for 3 months

Rates for the desktop
There are several ways and places to advertise on the PC. Those who advertise for more than a month can change their logo / animation in the meantime.

Large logo / animation at the top  (hotspot next to logo

€ 125 a week
€ 375 a month

Advertising logo / animation links
Logo or animation links of the website are seen on all news pages.
€ 100 a week
€ 300 a month

Finally, the takeover / wallpaper. There your banners are next to the website. It really couldn't be bigger. 

A week € 350
A month € 1200 apps pass the 20,000 users

Advertising on the apps (regional) has been the first media in the region to launch the Apple app and Android since 2015. Monthly 10K unique users; the apps are visited over 2 million times a year. The latest developments can be followed on the app page . 

Advertising the apps is intended for companies that are active (more) regionally. The banners are viewed the most intensively.

A logo on the apps costs;

€ 100 a week
€ 300 a month

A press release on the apps costs € 90.

Posting vacancies
We also have  a vacancy bank on the website to better manage supply and demand on the labor market. The apps have an icon in front of the vacancy bank so that visitors can also surf through the apps.

From now on you can post your vacancies at

Option 1 For € 170 via the internet and the apps. The vacancy will then remain online for two months in the vacancy bank
Option 2 For € 250 for the specific job, but then one quarter longer.
Option 3. For an even larger audience you can have an animation banner rotate on the website / apps / mobile version depending on the duration and place from € 12.50 per day. 

A vacancy message is free from 3 months. 

Mail your vacancies to

This new and national website with webcams on the Dutch coast has been under construction since its launch in 2017. A number of cameras are already streaming between Hoek van Holland and Egmond aan Zee; more webcams will follow later. In may 2020 over 65,000 visitors surfed to the live steams every month with just under 100K visitors in the first quarter.

More information about our second project  can be found here.

Contact details

For more information or a tailor-made offer, please call during office hours on 0174 641 914

Until 9 p.m. on 06 300 90 416.

You can always email to